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About the Senior Seminar Capstone Course

NHSSSThe Senior Seminar Capstone Course brings together the knowledge and skills students have learned throughout the Career Certification Program. 

Students focus on the following areas: 
  • Research Project: Students design and complete a project that demonstrates advanced knowledge related to their area of specialization.
  • Connections to the Future Event:  students practice their professional networking and employment skills as they interact with business and community leaders. 
  • Presentations: Students prepare and present an oral presentation of their project to an panel of judges.
  • Internship: Students are placed at a local business where they work after school in a non-paid position for 36 hours over a 7-week period to gain practical experience in their career interest area. Using a rubric, employers evaluate student work.
  • Portfolio: Students assemble a portfolio containing a collection of work representing their four years of study.
  • Exit Interview: student individually present to a panel of professionals for evaluation.These outside evaluations are an important addition to teacher assessments of proficiency. Out of the six overall areas in which students are rated, five must be at the proficient level or above.
  • Senior Seminar classes are approved for A-G UC/CSU course credit.