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Ways to Get Involved


Are you interested in supporting students in their career development and preparation?  The Rowland Unified School District Career Technical Education (CTE) program is looking for Business Partners in Education to participate in Ways to Get Involved in Preparing Students for their Future. 


Connections to the Future - Business and community representatives have lunch with students, practice networking skills, discuss a focus topic and visit a school to learn about current educational programs. (RSVP Required - Virtual-November 10-11:00 to 12:30 p.m.)


Internships - Students gain work experience by working in a local business for 36 hours over 6-7 weeks as a non-paid intern. Students gain practical experience connected to their career interest, while providing no dollar cost or liability to the business. (Placements are between November-April)


Project Presentations - Business representatives participate in student presentations by asking students questions, reviewing student projects, evaluating presentations and provide feedback.  (NHS – March 23, 2022, RHS – March 16, 2022)


Exit Interviews - Business representatives participate on a panel to interview students. Students share their portfolios that represent their work through the Certificate Program. (RHS - May 11, 2022,  NHS-May 18, 2022)


Business Advisors for Advisory Committees - Business representatives review and make recommendations regarding curriculum and participate on a panel to provide input regarding industry needs and trends. (Virtual - January 25, 2022)


Business In the Classroom - Business representatives visit classes to: 1) give an overview of their industry and future demands, 2) share personal experiences that lead them to their current career; and or 3) teach a specific topic or lesson. (All year)


Lunch with the Experts - Share information about your career at a round table lunch discussion with a group of 9th and 10th grade students (January 2022)